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2013 Workshop preliminaries

Right now, I'm setting up our Google Group for the attendees of the 2013 Speculative Fiction Writing Workshop, led by Chris McKitterick with special guest-authors Andy Duncan and James Gunn. We'll use our Google Group to share stories, information, tips, and whatever else strikes our fancy!

Most of you have not yet submitted your registration materials to Lydia Ash ( ), who needs those ASAP. Very soon, we'll know the cost of the dorm rooms (if you need one); when we have that info, she'll send out a request for monies for your room, which you can pay for when you arrive. If you haven't already sent Lydia your check and registration materials via snail-mail, just email her the registration, and bring your check when you arrive. Don't forget that this year all attendees of the CSSF Science Fiction Summer program get free general admission to the Campbell Conference, so don't forget to register for that, too!

On May 20, I close the Workshop application window - I think we have an excellent variety of writers right now, but I might accept a few more attendees if they fit the mix. That's also when I'll ask you to submit your stories to the group: You have until May 24 - at the latest - to submit all three of your stories to this group. Please keep the total word-count under 30,000 words; if you're submitting novellas, you may submit two pieces (total) instead of three. No novel chapters, please; it's tough to workshop such in this format, and that's what Kij Johnson's Novel Workshop is for!

Clean up any mechanical issues before you submit your work, and use good manuscript format, as in this example.

When you get the stories, dig in right away! Give them a read, then give them a solid critique. Feel free to mark up typos, punctuation, and grammar issues, but for time's sake, please don't bring up those details during the discussion. Primarily, your goal is to identify the "Platonic ideal" of the story and then suggest ways to help the author achieve that ideal. Here's James Gunn's excellent introduction to the concept:

I'll post logistics and other information in my next message coming soon. Until then, write hard!

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